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"Any" File packager, transfer, manager, etc. for the Palm.

development after 0.30a...

Now with Bluetooth support

Source and PRC in zbluez.zip, you should download the whole ZBoxZ archive for ZLib and the media handlers.

zbluez.zip is an update to ZBoxZ which updates the exchange handler so it can send and receive boxen to or from a bluetooth equipped device such as a Macintosh. Note that bundled items like applications (under Mac OS X, an application is a directory) might not do the right thing, but zips, gzips, pngs, midis, and other things should. Note it creates a new preference (in the prefs panel) so you can select IrBeam, Bluetooth, or have it ask you (the default).

Still under construction - the site as well as the app.

A detailed description of the application suite and its features and other documentation is on this page, and there is a QuickStart guide. New Betas will have updated documentation

Please give feedback (support, bug reports, etc.) at the project page. Note that it is still under construction.

Uses PalmZLib also hosted here on Sourceforge for UnZipping and PNG viewer decompression. This is included in the ZBoxZ archive. Most things in the suite need it.

You don't have to use all the parts - If you don't want to undo a runzipped file on the Palm, and just want compression, you only need RUnZip and ZLib. If you want to fax, you will need ZBoxZ and ZFaxZ only. See the documentation.

Request for Hardware (and software) Donations
I've already received many messages of the form "Will you support 'X'?", where X is some hardware device or third party software program. The short answer is "When I get an 'X'", which will happen much faster if someone sends me one or offers one at a significant discount. Otherwise the source is here, so anyone with an 'X' is welcome to start hacking. Since I am not charging anything for the software or my development time, I really can't afford to buy one of every possible device, program, or anything else.

MusicBoxer works great with Tsunamidi which is a MIDI interface and GM player (with speaker!) for the Palm V.

GPL Notice
As this is still in development, I would prefer it not be mirrored, but if you distribute the binaries, you must include the source and the lincense.html file that accompanies it. I am putting up the binaries here as a convienience to Palm users.


Prior Test (Release Candidate!) Version: 0.25r6
Latest Beta Version: 0.30

Beta: ZBoxZ 0.30a with ZCardZ

zbz030a.zip is a beta that supports accessing the expansion cards like on the m50x, the Clie, and the Handera330.

0.30a fixes a root directory path bug (may only affect the TRG Pro) and a scroll bug (card dest directory in ZBoxZ).

You can do the ZBoxZ type operations from the card (and go to/from ZBoxZ boxes, and directly use Pinger, ZFaxZ, and MusicBox). Note this is still a beta version, but as there are no other file managers I know of, it still might be the best. At some point soon there should be a 0.29-0.40 series of ZBoxZ which integrates these changes. Handera 330 VGA support added to PiNGer and ZFaxZ.
This includes fixes to many of the other programs including ZBoxZ save to card, and using ZFaxZ to convert and/or send NotePad images.

If you have a JamCam, Check out my Viewer. Get a MMC card, fill the JamCam's internal memory, (off) insert card (on), take pix, (cam off) move card to the m505 (or 500), and the viewer will come up. For the JaMP3, the cards can be transparently used on the m50x, but you must format them in the JaMP3. The reason is that Palm formats with a partition table sector, and the JaMP3 needs the DOS boot sector first.

Note: in RC3 or later you will have to use BoxrInst to reinstall the conduit (see instructions, run and click yes), and stop and restart HotSync.

0.30 has been tweaked for the Handera 330 (PiNGer and ZFaxZ), and fixes some fax bugs..

0.29e includes ZCardZ and the windows programs have been updated and should work with the latest desktop (and ZipSync allows .pdb to be selected).

Palm OS 3.5 RUnZip Icon Problem
The application Icons are replaced with RUnZip icons on most 3.5 devices. The 3.5 Vx is affected, but the VIIx is NOT. OS 3.3 isn't affected. The problem has been reported to Palm. Note that I am using an "Undocumented Feature" - the one that supports web clipping - to do my icons, and that isn't really supported by Palm for non-WCA devices nor outside of Web Clipping (and yes, the bug does affect WCA on a Vx with the new 3.5 update). Launchbox/1-Way conversion will create stubs that fixes this (and allows assignment to buttons).

Download ZBoxZ Experimental AutoInstall PalmOS (no visor or WCA) Installer "Crate" - better for beaming. Tap Crate:ZBoxZ to install ZBoxZ. Use "Save Link As" (rightclick in Netscape) if it doesn't download automatically. This is 0.24h so isn't current.

These files are normally at http://www.execpc.com/~tz but here are normal links - use these when NOT using Clipper.

My Opensource GPS demo tzgps.zip
Hack to capture screen to Doodle doodhack.zip
My Keypad hack keypadhk.zip
A newer beta of keypad hack kphkbeta.prc
16 greyscale drawpad demo lcd16gry.zip
Howto do Hackmaster with GCC nolohack.tgz
Turboing program (speeds up V and IIIx) /nowaitz.zip
Decompile PQAs to HTML unpqa.zip

PQA Direct Downloads (These will NOT work except on a Palm Web Clipping Device):